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We design websites and marketing strategies (online and off) for small businesses on the Gold Coast, Australia. We've been working in print since 1990 (before the web) and making sites large and small for local clients since the late 90's when our print clients begged us to help them out. We don't do email or phone quotes (ironically, we're face-to-face types), so contact us to arrange a meeting about your new website.

How much for a website?

Our sites are made-to-order so there's no standard price but here's an overview of what our clients have typically spent on their web projects with us.

impressions website cost diagram

Teaching old sites new tricks

That 'online brochure' site your business setup 7 years ago might have been alright in its day, but the web's moved on. If you have a product that people can't buy online, why not? A hotel that people can't book online? Ridiculous! Users are more savvy, their expectations have risen along with their web know-how. We can help.

How long from idea to launch?

Simple sites can be online in a week (our record is 24 hours), more complex sites can take weeks to months. The main factors which determine the duration of a web project are:

  • the decisiveness and enthusiasm of the client
  • the availability of good quality photographs & copywriting (text) describing the business
  • the ambition (scale) of the project

Email newsletters & social media

The days of "build it and they will come" on the web are over. Now you need to promote your website and give them a reason to come back. Social media might be getting all the attention (we can help you get started with Facebook & Twitter) but regular email newsletters still deliver the best bang for buck.

Examples of our web work

Typical timeline for a web project

  1. Initial consultation

    Every project starts with a face-to-face meeting. We listen to your requests and suggest possible strategies. Once we have an understanding of your business's particular requirements we can put together a meaningful quote and project plan.

  2. Quote

    Our web project quotes come in two parts: a 'core' package (what you need) and a suite of 'option packs' (some nice-to-haves). Option packs can be selected straight-away or later (prices valid for 12 months). The 'core + options' approach lets you control the size of your project and doubles as a road-map for future development.

  3. Development

    Once the project is green-lit (and the deposit paid), work begins. Initial designs are created and approved, ensuring both parties are in sync with the aesthetic direction of the project. Data is collected, code is written, magic happens.

  4. Pre-launch approval

    As design & development of your project comes to an end we begin our QA process. After we've run our eye over the nuts & bolts of your site we get you in to make sure that it all makes sense within the context of your business (typically a few 'wrong pictures' or 'old contact details' are picked up here).

  5. Launch

    The part you've been waiting for. We walk you through the process of setting-up domain-name registrations, web-hosting, even email-server migrations if necessary. Anything it takes to make sure your site finds its way online.

  6. Post-launch maintenance

    Despite all the QA that goes on, some things will slip through the cracks, so we have a couple of weeks complimentary maintenance during which any minor alterations are on the house. We also keep an eye on your analytics and SEO stats to ensure that there aren't any technical glitches or errors limiting your new site's potential.

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Profiting from print

In fact Impressions Imprint has had many success stories in print. We've worked with industry, business and tourism and have received 15 PICA awards and 2 national print awards.

Much of any small-business' marketing budget today is dedicated to the web. However be streetwise and realise that in certain areas print is still very effective. Ask us to recommend a print and magazine advertising strategy for your business.

Examples of our print work

Where to find us

map of impressions office (follow link for directions)

Get in touch with us

Just one page?

Other web agency sites are chock full of flash intros, pointless animations and obscure menus. That's not our style. This site, like sites we build for our clients, gets to the point quickly and looks good doing it.

What can we do for you?

  • Original design

    We've been designing websites since the mid-nineties. Each time the technology of the web has changed (JavaScript, css, XHTML) we've changed our design approach to make the most of it. Next up: HTML5 and mobile browsing.

  • Studio & commercial photography

    photograph of currumbin sunriseIf you've got something to show (a product, a building or a view) we make it look its best. If you're a DIY photographer we can give you tips to avoid that 'point & shoot' look. Check out our commercial photography portfolio website.

  • Online video

    Web video is now commonplace. What was once expensive is now within reach of every small business. A two-minute video can (if done right) explain who you are, what you're offering and why customers should go with you.

  • Interactive product catalogues

    Customers expect to browse your product line at their leisure, make wishlists, view multiple detailed pictures compare products, view similar products etc. They don't want to read a pdf of last year's brochure.

  • Online checkout and order management

    Online checkout used to be a complicated proposition. There was bank fees, security, shipping calculations etc. These problems are old hat now. Clients expect a fast, secure, slick experience. We help you give it to them.

  • Members areas

    If your business offers something exclusive, such as information or experiences only available to those with a subscription or membership, we can create a special area of your site that only your VIPs can access.

  • Email marketing tools

    We can setup your opt-in email marketing list (including importing your existing mailing lists). Everything's done right, ensuring your mail isn't classified as junk and giving you stats to track exactly how effective each newsletter is.

  • Analytics configuration and training

    Google analytics offers free statistics on how your site is being used. We're big fans and can make sure it's implemented correctly so that you the stats that matter (best converting products? worst? most profitable referrals etc).

  • Interactive maps

    Got a few stores? Maybe a dealer network or some services specific to geographic regions. We can add interactive maps to your site to make it dead simple for customers to find your nearest outlet and get them contacting you.

  • Event calendars and reminder systems

    If your business revolves around dates (events, classes, bookings) we can get that info up on the web in a fashion that's easy for your customers to browse and easy for you to edit.

  • Coupon systems and loyalty programs

    Offer your customers a reason to come back to your online store. A coupon code advertised offline or in an email newsletter can entice users to your store. Loyalty programs can turn customers into repeat customers.

  • Mobile sites

    Smart phones are no longer niche. Having a site that's easy to use via touch-screen is becoming important. Your site should look good on small screens as well as large (like this one for example).

  • Bespoke development

    If you can dream it up we can build it for a fair price.

  • Dealer & Stockist directories

    Got a distribution or dealer network? We can build an interactive directory into your site (that you can easily edit) that lets your customers find their nearest outlet.